The Joy Book Club

Spreading BookJoy since 2016

Welcome to The Joy Book Club, a subscription box book club. Our quest is to find those little gems of books that are wonderful and #BookJoy inducing that most people might never normally come across!


Want to know a little more, or just say a quick 'ahoy-hoy', feel free to email us, or click on one of our profile links below.

Each month we will put together a lovely playlist to accompany that month's book. They'll be up on our Spotify page or you'll be able to listen to them right here!

Book One 'The Enchanted April' Playlist:

Book Three 'Sirius' Playlist:

Book Two 'Rock Stars Stole My Life' Playlist:

Book Four 'Shakespeare' Playlist:

Book Six 'Death and the Penguin'

Book Five 'Mend the Living' Playlist:

Book Seven - Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons