The Joy Book Club

Spreading BookJoy since 2016

Welcome to The Joy Book Club, a subscription box book club. Our quest is to find those little gems of books that are wonderful and #BookJoy inducing that most people might never normally come across!


Want to know a little more, or just say a quick 'ahoy-hoy', feel free to email us, or click on one of our profile links below.

Questions are a great thing. All the best books, and best people, ask questions.

We'll do our best to answer yours here.

Q. Tell me, what is this 'The Joy Book Club' thing of which you speak?

A. The Joy Book Club is a Subscription Box Book Club with the aim of helping readers discover new great books to read - books that might otherwise go largely unnoticed - and spreading BookJoy far and wide.

Q. How does it work?

A. When you subscribe you will receive a box through your door each month containing a book (which shall remain a mystery until you receive it) along with some goodies themed around the book to further enhance the reading experience. Then, we can all discuss and share in our thoughts on the book and our experience reading it - both on the The Joy Book Club's forum and via our social media channels - so we can #ShareTheBookJoy.

Q. When are subscriptions open? And when will I receive my box?

A. Ok, so here's how fulfilment and delivery work for The Joy Book Club.

We take orders between 1st and 15th of each month.

After ordering and receiving all the supplies (books, gifts, card to make boxes etc), we will then pack the boxes on the last weekend of the month and post them by the last day of the month, meaning they will arrive within the first few days of the following month.

So for June’s Boxes it will go like this:
-           Orders open:1st June
-           Orders close: 15th June
-           Boxes packed: 24th-26th June approx.
-           Boxes posted: 29th/30th June
-           Delivery estimate: 1st-4th July (3rd is a Sunday)

The boxes will come via Royal Mail, so we can't guarantee the arrival day, but they should arrive roughly between the 1st and 4th of the month (depending on weekends/bank holidays/etc). If you haven't received your box by 10th of the month, contact us and we'll investigate.

Q. Are the boxes available for international orders?

A. Unfortunately at the moment we can only accept orders from/ship to the UK. Sorry, international bookfriends! But you can still join in with the chat on the blog, FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Q. Do I have to have a Subscription? If not, is there any difference in price?

A. No, if you just want to buy one box to try it out, or order one box as a present for a friend, you can. The price is the same either way: £15.99 per box.

Q. Can I get one as a gift for someone else?

A. Of course. What a lovely idea, aren't you a nice friend/family member! If you would like to buy a one-off box as a gift, just pop a note with any important information needed in to the 'additional comments' section of the order page. Or, if you'd like to set up a subscription as a gift, just pop us an email with their information and how long you'd like the subscription for. (Am trying to set up an additional step in the subscription process to make this easier in future, so bear with!)

Q. How big are the boxes? Will it fit through my mail slot?

A. That's the plan! I've had the boxes designed especially to have enough room to fit a book and a few other bits and pieces in, whilst fitting through a mailbox slot. The dimensions of a 'Standard UK Letterbox' are 200mm wide x 38mm high, and approximately 90% of letterbox slots meet these standards. Our boxes are 195mm wide x 34mm high x 305mm long, so they should fit snuggly through your door. If you're not sure, or know that your letterbox is smaller than this, think about if there is a safe place the postman can leave it or if there is an alternative address where you can receive your box, such as at work. 

Q. Where can I talk about the books?

A. We are in the process of building a forum on the site - the web gnomes are working away on this as we speak! - but you can also chat about them via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. I'll also be reviewing all the box books on the blog and discussions can take place in the comments section below each post. This is very much encouraged, so go ahead and #ShareTheBookJoy!

Q. So, should I stop going to bookshops if I'm getting a book from you every month?

A. What?! NO! Oh no no no no. No. No, this is just one option for finding new books, but there are lots of other great books out there - the Gone Girl's and A Little Life's and Harry Potter's and 1984's - that you don't get through The Joy Book Club. As a lover of both books and bookshops, the last thing I want to do is discourage anyone from going to a bookshop! You can enjoy both!

Q. What's this thing about 'Get Books, Do Good'?

A. Ah, this is our lovely initiative that aims to do good in the world with the help of books. We truly believe books are essential in helping to solve many of society's, and indeed the world's, problems. Therefore, £1 from every box sold will go to charity. And to spread the #BookJoy as far and wide as possible, each month we will pick a different book/reading/education-related charity to be our 'Rad Charity of the Month, linked in some way to the theme of that's months book/box.

Q. What if I don’t like the book/have already read the book/already own the book?

A. Sad face. The two main factors that we use to choose the books aim to avoid these things, but nothing in the world can be perfect or infallible.
We will always try to choose really really great books, so that even if it's not to your usual taste you'll still enjoy it - but if it's not one for you, we're really sorry, but hopefully you'll still have gained something from reading it and will enjoy the next one more.
We also try to choose books that not many people will have come across, so as to reduce the likeliness that a subscriber will have already read or bought it. But these books are out there in the world, seemingly hidden for the most part, but there, to be found, so it's not beyond the realms of possibility that on occasion you may have got your hands on a book already. If this is the case, hopefully you'll still be excited to get and (re-)read, and enjoy it all the more for how the other bits and pieces in the box enhance the experience of reading it. But if this isn't the case, pop us over an email and we'll see what we can do for you.

Q. I'm having to prioritise food over books for now. Can I cancel my subscription and how do I do it?

A.  Sad face again. Ok, things happen, we understand. So if you need to cancel your subscription, just send an email to over to us saying you would like to cancel your subscription and we'll cancel it for you. Once we've cancelled it, we will send you an email confirming that we've cancelled. As subscriptions are paid via direct debit, you can also cancel it through you bank, but pop us over an email to let us know.

Q. I'm an author with (IMO) a great book that could use some more attention - will you consider putting it in your boxes?

A. Sure I'll consider it! I'll have to give it a read first, and I can't make any promises, but if I like it and think its a good fit, I'm more than happy to make it a Box Book. Drop me an email and we can have a chat about it.

Q. So, I have this lovely blog/website/other interwebby-thing where I review books/subscription services/rave about small businesses and I'd like to feature The Joy Book Club - How about it?

A. Wow, that's so nice, thank you! Pop an email over to me and let's see what we can sort out.

Q. What's with the funny page/link names?

A. Just being whimsical. There isn't enough whimsy outside of Studio Ghibli films, so ya know, trying to remedy that a little bit.

Q. Why are you so obsessed with books?

A. Well, what's not to love?! I can see a different perspective, a different country, a different world, all from the comfort of my living room. Books can expands you thinking and horizons in pretty much unlimited ways. There's just something incredible about all things we can gain from books and reading them.