The Joy Book Club

Spreading BookJoy since 2016

Welcome to The Joy Book Club, a subscription box book club. Our quest is to find those little gems of books that are wonderful and #BookJoy inducing that most people might never normally come across!


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The Story of 'The Joy Book Club'.

Once upon a time there was a girl who discovered some precious gifts. They were called books. Some of them made her so very happy. And she wanted to share them with as many people as possible, so they could be happy too. This is the story of the girl and her books...

Hello there! Meet Julie, aka miss Joy Books, founder and chief bibliophile of The Joy Book Club! This is that girl, and one of her books.


Books and I have been in a loving long-term relationship for over 2 decades now. I have spent much of my life thus far building my own personal library of wonderful stories and captivating tomes. In the meantime, to feed my book-habit, I've worked various jobs as a waitress, hotel receptionist, film theatre front of house staff, tree pruner, admin temp, copywriter. I also studied creative writing and drama at university, have been frustratingly unemployed, travelled around Australia and graduated as a Creative from the UK’s top Ad School, the School of Communication Arts 2.0. All have played a part in this journey. As have many interesting and inspiring characters that I've met along the way - life, after all, is meant to be more of an ensemble drama than a monologue. Serendipitously, whilst working in my current job, I attended an event called Instagram for Business, where a particular talk sparked an idea. For days afterwards this idea roamed around my mind and wouldn't leave me be. I knew I had to give it a go. And so, The Joy Book Club was born: A subscription box book club for sharing great generally-overlooked books, that gives you a whole new reading experience and through both the society of our book club and our lovely charity initiative Read Books, Do Good, encourages everyone to Share The BookJoy!

Chapter One

Over the next few months I started learning how to start your own business - something I’d never before done, never before thought I would, or could, do - and set about making it a reality. I went to one of Enterprise Nation’s Startup Saturday events, set up on social media, ordered business cards, began to build my website (yes, it’s still a work in progress), registered as a bookseller and launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to get things up and running, with a pre-launch sale opening on the website soon afterwards. I also set an official launch date of 1st February 2016, when subscriptions will be open for the first time.

And that’s where we are now. I'm about to start putting together the first few boxes for my Indiegogo supporters and pre-sale customers and will be posting them out at the end of January 2016. I'm so excited to get going and watch this grow over the next few months, and I'm thrilled to have all you lovely readers along for the ride with me.

Chapter Two

To be continued….