The Joy Book Club

Spreading BookJoy since 2016

Welcome to The Joy Book Club, a subscription box book club. Our quest is to find those little gems of books that are wonderful and #BookJoy inducing that most people might never normally come across!


Want to know a little more, or just say a quick 'ahoy-hoy', feel free to email us, or click on one of our profile links below.


Welcome to The Joy Book Club

 The Subscription Box Book Club.

We are all about Spreading BookJoy - and helping our members to do so with our 3 handy hashtags:

#ReadDifferently #ShareTheBookJoy #ReadBooksDoGood

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 Each month subscribers will receive a delightfully packaged box featuring a little-known gem of the book world and a few other gifts themed around that book. Once we've all read it, we can discuss that book (along with all other books and book-related topics), both here on the website and on social media, sharing with others and inviting them to join in our chats. And all our readers are encouraged to as much book-related good as possible, starting with the knowledge that £1 from every box will go to our Rad Book-Charity of the Month!
Ah, nice.

Want to know a little more, or just say a quick ahoy-hoy, feel free to email us:

or click on one of our profile links below.

Here's a few things our customers had to say after receiving Box No.1:

Exciting times! I have just opened my first box from The Joy Book Club...Gorgeous presentation, delightful treats, a playlist, some interesting hints about the book and best of all a lovely new book to read... [It’s like] Schrodinger’s Book!
— Mel K. - London, UK
I have to say, I am staggered by my parcel. I was excited coming home wondering what I would find and opening it was a delight. Seriously, more people need to know about this, it needs to blossom and grow. Yours, excited of Leiston
— Chris M. - Suffolk, UK
I think it’s a wonderful box and would make a fantastic monthly treat - especially as you don’t know which book you’ll be getting each month!
— Sandra R. - Edinburgh, UK
Just received my first box and I love everything about it! So impressed with the thought and love that has gone into this. Long live The Joy Book Club!
— Jayne H. - Suffolk, UK